why invest?

Life is full of moments. From your first to your last breath, these moments are woven together to tell a story. Your story. Each chapter may feel like it takes long to write but when you look back, the chapters were far too short, the moments fleeting and the memories golden.

Commissioning a Revival Arts portrait is a way to hold on to and share these memories. It is something that you enjoy seeing every day on your wall now, and in the future your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even great great grandchildren will appreciate seeing who you were. It is an investment that will become more precious as the years go by.

We realize that there are hundreds of photographers to choose from these days. What makes the difference between a decent and an excellent photographer? It’s a combination of artistry and technical skill. By using lighting and posing techniques from the masters and bringing our own contemporary style, we create unique works of art that tell a story. By choosing an experienced, award winning, professional photographer, you are ensuring that you will receive a piece of art that you will love. All of our work is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Retainers are $550 for an immediate family session and $700 for an extended family session. The retainer is credit towards your order. Print prices begin at $57 and digital files are available in select collections.

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